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    SAY architects is an award-winning innovative design office focusing on architecture, interior and urban planning. The studio is located in Hangzhou, lead by Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan. Both Yan and Jianan had practiced in multiple internationally-honored design studio for years before founding the studio. SAY architects has a extensive experience in Arts, Hospitality, commercial, and landscape works in various scale, other projects includes retail, office, public utilities and master planning.

    With each project, SAY architects try to discover a unique character based on client, program, site and context. We want to create a narrative and personal space feeling for each project. With multiple design media including sketches, physical models, watercolor and mock ups, we push each project from concept to construction. Projects designed by SAY has been published in numerous international media and magazines, including DEZEEN, ArchDaily, Gooood, Designboom, Frame, Hinge, etc.


    SAY 是专注于建筑,室内及城市设计的创新设计事务所,并曾获得多个国际设计奖项。事务所位于杭州,由张岩和单嘉男主持设计,两位创始人在创立SAY之前均有多年的国际事务所工作经验。对于设计不同尺度的艺术,酒店,商业以及景观类项目,SAY 有丰富的设计经验,另外也有多个涉及零售,办公,公共设施以及总体规划的项目实践。

    对于每个项目,我们都尝试去从客户,业态,场地及周边环境中去发掘独特的项目属性以及潜力,并努力创造出一种叙事性的空间感受。通过多种不同的表达方式,例如草图,实体模型及水彩等,我们不断将概念推演发展至最终实际实现。SAY 的设计项目已发表于多个国际设计媒体及杂志,包括DEZEEN, ArchDaily, Gooood, Designboom, Frame及Hinge等。