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    Say is a universal way for one to express a feeling or spread information. It is the most efficient and easy way for humans to communicate with others. Orally say something is momentary, flexible and co-authored. say could also be textual and physical, as it extends to writing something, then it becomes permanent, immutable and authored. say architects tries to articulate our design as a thought, a message or a story. It can be either virtual and physical, momentary and permanent, flexible and immutable. The way we propose and express become as crucial as the result of the design. Say tries to discover a unique and valuable character within each project with the client. The character then, explored and developed by say through various medium, evolves from a concept or story into a physical atmosphere, the design process becomes a co-authored word or sentence created and said by both the client and us.


    As an award-wining innovative design team, say architects focusing on architecture, interior and landscape design. Our office is located in Hangzhou, lead by Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan. Both Yan and Jianan had years of experience practice in multiple internationally-honored design studio before co-founding say architects. Projects said by say architects have been published in numerous renowned media and magazines, including Elle Deco, Dezeen, Archdaily, Gooood, Designboom, Frame, Hinge and etc.


    Say(说;讲述;表达)是一种世界共通的传达信息方式,也是最高效简洁的沟通手段。Say通常是口头的表述,此时其信息是瞬时、灵活且多作者的;但同时书写下来的物理信息,也可以认为是Say的一种表达方式,此时是永久、固定且个人的表达方式。Say architects认为在设计项目中,表达方式与设计成果同样重要。Say强调空间的情感氛围与人文连结,尝试与客户共同发掘每个项目独特的设计概念,并通过多种方式将最初概念演化发展为最终的物理空间, 这过程也是一个由say与业主共同讲述的故事。


    Say architects成立于2017年,作为一家获得多个国际设计奖项的创新设计事务所,say 专注于建筑、室内及景观设计。事务所位于杭州,由张岩与单嘉男主持设计,两位创始人在say之前均有多年国际事务所实践经验。Say architects的设计项目已先后发表于多个知名媒体及杂志,包括Elle Deco, Dezeen, Archdaily, Gooood, Designboom, Frame 及 Hinge 等。